“Death Revealed” 

I dream of you,

But you run from me.

I reach out for you,

But you’re just out of reach.

I plead with you to touch me,

But you do not hear my plea.

I beg of you to come near,

But it is all to no avail.

I dream of you.

You’re shivering cold 

In a long, black veil.

Written on July 16, 2018


“Things That Make You Go Mmm, Mmm, Mmm”

Things that make you go mmm, mmm, mmm

A healthy heart

Cut at its ripest age

Cleaned and cooked to pure perfection

A man’s penis sliced and diced

During an erection

Always a grand choice

Cooked any way you like

Boiled, baked, or chicken-fried

The brains, oh, the brains

Can be made as sweet as can be

But best served like the fried onion from Applebee’s

Fingers and toes make great finger foods

Pun intended. Just boil and bake, then

Between bread you place them

Each finger and toe, without the nails, of course

You pull those off before you serve the first course

And the first course is salad 

As you might have guessed

Diced intestines with small chunks of stomach

Are truly the best

Great for a stew

If you have leftovers, too

Toasted eyeballs

Can’t you see

They’re the perfect delicacy

Now, your four course meal is complete

Definitely not lacking in your choice of meats

But if a thicker, tougher meat you want to try

By all means, go for an arm, calf or a thigh.

Things that make you go mmm, mmm, mmm.

No lie!

Written on January 20, 2022


“That Stare”

That stare

So blank and dark

That cleft in your chin

That eyebrow arch

You look at me

From the shadows

I feel your stare

Without a touch from your brows

You thirst for what runs through my veins

Yet, you behave as though you are shackled and chained

You want to come for me

Your thirst is unbearable

You show me your fangs

I freeze. I’m unmovable.

Even now, you don’t move.

You’re still. You stare.

I feel myself yearning for you.

“Come for me. I don’t care!”

The shadows grow darker, thicker, and wider.

With one last look into your eyes, I collapse to the floor.

People scatter and holler

But only you come forth

“Ma’am, are you okay? Are you hurting anywhere?”

I roll my head to look up at you and it’s just 

That stare!

Written on January 18, 2022


“Why Were We Commanded to Love?” 

Why were we commanded to love one another when love leaves us vulnerable to pain?

If we did not have to love, pain could not overcome.

Why were we commanded to love?

Why were we commanded to love one another when love seems impossible for all?

If we never truly love one another, disappointments we do not suffer.

Why were we commanded to love?

Why were we commanded to love one another when love does not last forever?

If we can not love like You then no love will ever do.

Why were we commanded to love?

Written on 4/12/94


“I Poked You”

I poked you

Now, you’ve turned black

And it’s spreading

All down your back

Up  your arms

I do mean you harm

Down into your legs

With your eyes, you beg

Across your feet

I laugh, you’re beat

Up over your head

You’ll soon be dead

Because I poked you

When you turned your back

Written on February 8, 2021


“A Captive of My Own Mind” 

Pulling at me,

Pulling left, Pulling right,

Resisting it with all my might.

Craving what my body needs,

My mind has me deeply deceived.

I am a captive of my own mind.

A place of weakness by design.

How does one break free

Break free,

When the pulling, 

The craving, 

The deceit,

Is Me?

Written on August 6, 2018


“On The Bad Days” 

It’s like the flash of a camera

1000 times over

in quick succession

over and over

My mind replays the events

of those nights

like watching a horror show

under bright lights

You can’t break free 

from some memories

so strong they bury you

wondering what to do

Forcing them from your mind

just trying to unwind

trembling side to side

shaking, nowhere to hide

Inside your mind is a fray

not a damn word

can a person say

You put hands together

and then you pray

Because faith is all you have

at the end of the day

The only thing that keeps

the scary things away

When the darkness creeps in

and the sinners break in

Your mind can not take anymore

You’re losing it, now out of control

Get down on your knees

Raise your head high

Lift your voice 

and just sing

from deep down inside

Just sing 

Just sing to Him

Written on February 19, 2019


“The Bite”

Dark hair

Icy stare

Watching me

From over there

Stirring now

You seem to wonder

Your movements reflects

A natural born hunter

A howl, a bite

I changed that night

My body succumbed

To an internal fight

For blood I craved

It drove me mad

Until that deliciousness

I finally had

I ate

I fed

So many

Now dead

I didn’t care

It didn’t matter

I had to have it

The blood splattered

I’m out again

My dark hair curled

With my icy stare 

To change your world

Watch out for me

For if I bite

You, too, will hunt

On full moon nights.

Written on April 6, 2021


“The Effects of Battle”

Stirring inside is a thunderstorm, 

Reflected outside by scars, 


flesh all torn. 

Heart broken for wrongs to be made right,

Mind seeking revenge at night, 



And just. 

Longing for peace after such betrayal,

Wounded by the darkly veiled,



To no avail. 

Written on June 7, 2018


“When the End Time Comes”

My chest is open

My heart is bare

Red and raw

But you don’t care

You smash it

You beat it

You tear it apart

You don’t even notice

Just how much it’s scarred.

Each word that you say

Is a punch to the face

You don’t need your hands

To cause my red face

I am your partner, your lover, you say

But your actions cause nothing but sadness, dismay

Leave. Stay. No. I pray.

Never knowing the answer to that each day

What do I want? What do I do?

Can’t even decide if I’m afraid of you

I think I am, sometimes, ya know,

The pain you cause runs deep below

All of the nice things you’ve ever said

Can’t make up for when I’ve wished I was dead

Leave me. Quit waiting on me. Just go.

Then things would get better for me, ya know

Stop waiting on me to walk out the door.

I’m not going to do it. I’ll fall to this floor.

There’s no strength in me to just get up and leave

I just have to hope you will and believe

What is it you say about my beliefs?

That’s all that offers me a sense of relief.

Go. I’m tired. Please get out of here.
      “Not ‘til you cross into hell, my dear.”

Written on July 11, 2018