It that has no name ii: house on highway 89

It That Has No Name II: House on Highway 89

BOOK QUOTE: “He had a hunger and a thirst from deep within him as his veins bulged throughout his body…He could not stand to be around her another second longer without his thirst for her overwhelming him…All he could do was hide in the shadows and love her from the distance.” It That Has No Name II: House on Highway 89

It That Has No Name II: House on Highway 89 picks up where the first book leaves off. Detectives and police officers search a ghastly scene for signs of what may explain what happened in the house on highway 89. All they can conclude is that men in black robes wearing skull masks committed mass murder in the outskirts of Salem. After three years, another group of young adults decides to spend Halloween night inside the house. They become the next set of victims of It who is awakened by their presence in the home. Katie finds out that these new friends have gone to spend the night in the house, and she takes off with her detective friend in tow to risk her life to rescue them from the evil they face. Will Katie rescue them? Will Jay show up to help her? Only the pages of this book will tell.

Author Q and A Q: What is your favorite food? A: Italian! I love any combination of noodles, sauce and cheese. Mexican would be a close second choice.
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