“The Awakening”

Eyes iced over

Flesh all frozen

Refrigeration for the dead

Darkness weakens

Counting sheep and

Trying to sleep but

Having no success

Ah, light by my head

Bright light shed

All over my head

Waking me up

Trying to move

Fingers following along a groove

Heartbeat stopped so abruptly

Head pops and snaps

Then neck just cracks

Awakening of a new soul

Hunger and thirst increase

Gnashing teeth and

Licking lips

As I break free from death’s grip

Someone’s here

Someone’s with me

Oh, how I love their scent

It’s so delicious

I long to lick him

So I get up

I creep up behind him

He turns and goes nuts

He runs from me

But I can’t let him go

I have to taste him

I bite off his nose

That is when

I lose all control

I fight with him

And pull him down

Hunger insatiable

In death, I’m unstable

Doomed to wander ‘til I’m free

Morgue door opened

My freedom chosen

Now, headed down these ravaged streets

I couldn’t stop biting him

Once he was on the ground

Back bone deep, I am bound

No heartbeat in me

Yet, I thrive

But it’s obvious

I’m not alive

When I’m done

I walk, I wander

I just feed

No time to slumber

Continuously moving forward

For whatever reason

To whatever end

Into the dark

I do descend

For forever, my eternity



Wicked eyes

You stare at me

I know your intent

You don’t scare me

Wicked soul

You long for me

I know what you want

You can’t have me

Wicked mind

You dwell on me

I know what you think

You don’t know me

You reach for me with your claws

You tighten your grip around my neck

You rip, you tear, you maul

You leave me bleeding, a real train wreck

Wickedness now in my eyes, my soul and my mind, too.

You have made me into another you.

Written on 5/6/2022


“The Melting Pot”

Spoils, spoils

The pot, it boils

Full of angst, hatred and despair

Tip the pot

Disturb the balance

And shake the world of its cares.

Spoils, spoils

A heavy boil, people toil

With no success for their deeds

So we go about, 

We plant our seeds

In the nasty, filthy soil

Spoils, spoils

An overflow, an eruption

All have reached their wit’s end

Turn down the flame

Remove the pot

Or all the world will end

Written on 5/9/2022



Is what I feel

Even though I’m told

I shouldn’t because it

Wasn’t my fault

Those were his


That he made me play

The things he made me do

The things he made me say

Trapped in his world

As a modern day sex slave

They found pictures and videos too

The things I am doing in them are repulsive

Leaving me full of disgust

Yet, I watch some of them looking over those

Pictures and videos and trying hard to cover

Their arousal from just viewing them

They are no better than the creep who did this to me

One of them talks to me

About what a beautiful job I’m doing

But what does that mean?

Does he not understand that I feel so unclean?

They shake hands with my keeper

And walk towards the door

One blows me a kiss

And it becomes quickly apparent

That rescuing me is not what they came for


“Sin vs. Sinner”

Stare deep into my eyes

And tell me what you see

If you stare long enough, 

You’ll see the real me

All curled up, lying naked on the floor

I’d tell you my story

But you’d be afraid of me

I curl up around my knees

As you watch on curiously

My spine cracks, snaps

My bones look bare

Your look is so intense

You don’t break your stare

My stringy, damp hair hangs over my face

The sounds that you hear

Are like an animal being chased

Surrounded by water, filling up fast

On my hands and knees now

How long will I last?

I turn toward you

Head held down

I reach out for you

You start to drown

Still staring deep into my eyes

Bloodshot, the sinner cries,

Tears fall from your eyes

Just before your soul dies.

Head tilts. Neck pops. Spine cracks.

And I move on.


“The Chase”













No escape

Shape shifter




“Death Revealed” 

I dream of you,

But you run from me.

I reach out for you,

But you’re just out of reach.

I plead with you to touch me,

But you do not hear my plea.

I beg of you to come near,

But it is all to no avail.

I dream of you.

You’re shivering cold 

In a long, black veil.

Written on July 16, 2018


“Things That Make You Go Mmm, Mmm, Mmm”

Things that make you go mmm, mmm, mmm

A healthy heart

Cut at its ripest age

Cleaned and cooked to pure perfection

A man’s penis sliced and diced

During an erection

Always a grand choice

Cooked any way you like

Boiled, baked, or chicken-fried

The brains, oh, the brains

Can be made as sweet as can be

But best served like the fried onion from Applebee’s

Fingers and toes make great finger foods

Pun intended. Just boil and bake, then

Between bread you place them

Each finger and toe, without the nails, of course

You pull those off before you serve the first course

And the first course is salad 

As you might have guessed

Diced intestines with small chunks of stomach

Are truly the best

Great for a stew

If you have leftovers, too

Toasted eyeballs

Can’t you see

They’re the perfect delicacy

Now, your four course meal is complete

Definitely not lacking in your choice of meats

But if a thicker, tougher meat you want to try

By all means, go for an arm, calf or a thigh.

Things that make you go mmm, mmm, mmm.

No lie!

Written on January 20, 2022


“That Stare”

That stare

So blank and dark

That cleft in your chin

That eyebrow arch

You look at me

From the shadows

I feel your stare

Without a touch from your brows

You thirst for what runs through my veins

Yet, you behave as though you are shackled and chained

You want to come for me

Your thirst is unbearable

You show me your fangs

I freeze. I’m unmovable.

Even now, you don’t move.

You’re still. You stare.

I feel myself yearning for you.

“Come for me. I don’t care!”

The shadows grow darker, thicker, and wider.

With one last look into your eyes, I collapse to the floor.

People scatter and holler

But only you come forth

“Ma’am, are you okay? Are you hurting anywhere?”

I roll my head to look up at you and it’s just 

That stare!

Written on January 18, 2022


“Why Were We Commanded to Love?” 

Why were we commanded to love one another when love leaves us vulnerable to pain?

If we did not have to love, pain could not overcome.

Why were we commanded to love?

Why were we commanded to love one another when love seems impossible for all?

If we never truly love one another, disappointments we do not suffer.

Why were we commanded to love?

Why were we commanded to love one another when love does not last forever?

If we can not love like You then no love will ever do.

Why were we commanded to love?

Written on 4/12/94