“I Hear a Knock”

I hear a knock

But do not want to answer

I hear the phone

But decide to let it ring

I hear the doorbell

But do not open the door

Who beckons me?

It chills me to my core. 

The phone stops ringing, and the knocks just stop. 

A crinkly creature comes

Out of a wooden box

A long, tubelike figure with jagged teeth and black eyes

And lets out the sounds

Of whispering cries

It creeps up on its victim 

Who lies shuddering in fear

And sucks the very life

From that person crying tears

A legend’s foe, as legends go,

This creature, the enemy of life. 

Life’s enemy can only be 

Destiny and strife 

The victims’ fate

Never too late

Always comes on time

When the jagged teeth of

That crinkly creep

Sink in deep to dine. 

Written on 5/8/2023


“Lucky Bottle”

I’m on a ship that’s in a bottle and I’m trapped inside

These walls of glass that hold my sky

I wait for the waters to subside

While I use my hands to dry my eyes. 

It’s hell in here

Tossed in the waves

My lonely years

Expressed in the staves

All because I picked up a bottle

Lying there at the edge of the water

Seeing something down inside

I held the bottle to my eye

Sometime later, I awoke inside

At first, I thought that I had died. 

But I had not, I’m quite alive.

And desperate, do you hear my cries?

Alas, I have given up. 

To reach shore would take more than luck. 

I lay down on the deck of the ship, 

Expecting to sleep, I would drift,

When the bottle came to a roll

And rested in a shallow hole

On a beach like the one I once knew

Under a sky of a shadowy blue

A young girl has found me

She dusts the sand from the bottle

“No, don’t look inside the bottle!”

“No, no! Don’t,” I holler. 

But it’s too late

I feel real weak

And suddenly now, I’m awake on the beach

The bottle laying at my feet

I took that bottle and threw it far and deep.

Remembering how many years I’d weeped.

I turned and ran up the beach

As I heard a young woman calling out for Clarice,



“The Distance”

In the distance

I see you standing there

In the distance

Unknown are your cares

In the distance

Wish your lips could share

In the distance

What your soul would bare

Closing the distance

I run to you over there

Closing the distance

Into your eyes I stare

Closing the distance

Hand gripping your hair

Closing the distance

Your life, I can’t spare

Written on February 21, 2023


“Just a Holiday”

A day of celebration,

of love,

of recognition, 

of thankfulness, 

and gratitude 

in a time-honored tradition. 

A day to express your feelings for the loved one in your life,

whether that person is your life partner,

your husband or your wife.

Today is a time to thank them for all they do for you,

for the way they make you feel,

and for the dreams you both pursue. 

So, my dear life partner, lover and best friend, 

I honor you with this poem

and the best wishes that it sends.

Thank you for always paying for my gas, 

for buying my food 

and for making me laugh. 

Every girl should have a guy like you, 

but it would take her having two to equal one of you.

I can not count the number 

of great things you do for me,

the things you think I don’t care about,

the things you think I don’t see

like tolerating all of the quirkiness of me just being me,

all of the personal things that others do not see,

all of the hidden things 

kept behind a social screen. 

You know the best of me. 

You know the worst of me. 

And beyond all of that, 

you have this perfect love for me. 

I still feel our first kiss when you kiss my lips. 

No matter how old we get, that I won’t forget. 

Nor will I forget the way in which we met. 

Not many can say they have a story like that, I bet. 

Whatever tomorrow may bring for me,

I know you will be there, 

always cheering me on. 

We make such a great pair.

Going through life without each other is a definite no, not ever.

Because one day we stood inside a Lowe’s and decided on forever.

Even walked out with a sign for above the door to always remember. 

Just so you know that our love lives on deep inside of me, 

in my memories that you keep alive in me, 

and in the things we do every day 

that create more and more memories along the way. 

I love you with a deep felt passion 

Even though I don’t always show it,

it’s important to me that you know it,

and I will work on expressing myself like this to you more in each and every day

instead of on just a holiday.


“Deadly Attraction”

I’ve been waiting for you

Just outside your door

I’ve been waiting for you

I won’t take much more

I only want what I need to survive

Just enough to keep me alive

I don’t enjoy this task

That question, “Why me?”

You’ll ask

I can’t explain it.

Your beauty, your wit

Your kindness, your tits

Ultimately, that changes nothing

I’m here to stake a claim for something 

I’m after you

And that’s all that matters

I can’t think about how

Your heart will shatter. 

Come outside already! Damn!

I’m getting too angry, ma’m. 

Noises are coming from all around me

The causes of them, I can not see

Even with my skills and agility

The causes escape even my abilities. 


Hands tightly around my neck

Like an air show, a fight ensues

It’s her, she’s like me,

In all she can do

From a quick surprise, 

A fast twist from the left

A swing real wide

My body is quick to die

A bobbling head, side to side,

Before falling from up high

Down to the street below

Written on 2/8/2023


“Darkness Breeds” 

Darkness breeds

Endless needs

Hellfire breathes

As darkness breeds

Life stands still

Hopeless will

Voices shrill

As life stands still,  as life stands still


The night’s filled with the broken hearted

Lives spent with the days uncharted

Stuck in the emptiness and the hollow

Of the darkness and the sorrow

Don’t give a damn about tomorrow

Hell is your nightmare

Death will take you there

Hell is your nightmare

Let me take you there

Illness comes

Dying young

Life succumbs

As illness comes

Pain is real

Sharp as steel

Crying kneeled

Cuz pain is real, cuz pain is real

Repeat chorus


“The Eyes of a Child”

An old wise man stopped

A little girl to say, 

“Be careful, little girlie,

Be careful what you say.”

The little girl replied, 

“Hush, old man, I speak to pray.”

“But who is listening on the other side

To a little girl who’s full of lies?”

“I pray to be forgiven.

My sins He has stricken, and

Therefore, do not lead to my demise.”

With rolling thunder and a strike of lightning,

The old wise man turned into something frightening.

Blood dripped from his jaws after he bit the neck

Of the little girl who was all dressed in red.

The old wise man laughed and laughed,

Until he realized the little girl was laughing too.

The old man asked the little girl,

“Why do you laugh before you die? 

Is it because you believe in heaven?”

The little girl stopped laughing long enough to reply,

“No, that’s not why After all, that heaven exists is just a lie. 

Isn’t that right?”

“Then, why may I ask are you laughing, too?”

“Because a demon with a bigger bite is standing right behind you.”

Written on 11/13/2022


“When That Time Comes”

Going to cry

Sincerely, going to cry

Really wishing

I would die

Palms are sweaty

Eyes filled with tears

My whole body

Shaking from fear

I just don’t get it

Why me?

Why me?

My spirit’s bound

Longing to be free

Just pull the trigger

And I’m done

My hand firmly grips

The butt of the gun

The barrel sets

Between my lips

The gun comes to rest

At my hips

Written on 10/7/2022



I have a secret

Come fly with me

I’ll take you on a 

magical fantasy 


Don’t be shy

It’s only for 

Just one night

I’ll wrap you in a lover’s embrace

And of me you shall taste

I’ll be your ambrosia

And brighten your aura

You’ll feel an explosion 

Of raw emotion

You are my heartbeat now

I am your soul


We are made whole

Never more

Shall you survive

Without me

By your side

One night of love

Is now forever

For eternity

Joined together

Written on 10/7/2022


“Shackled and Chained”

I’m shackled and chained

Feeling indescribable pain

Trying to escape

Yanking down on the drapes

They fall to the floor

As I hear you at the front door

I get to my knees

Just able to see the trees

I drop and I sigh

Nothing there but trees and sky

Written on 8/1/2022