A deep hole

Hollowed out

By false promises

And shattered dreams

A hole where a heart 

Once filled with laughter and joy

Used to be

Now, nothing

Nothing but pain

From lies, deceit and manipulation

No need to even hear explanations

Loss that makes you grieve like someone passed

Only noone has

I have been hurt so much

That I feel my soul is bleeding

No healing touch from God can make this better

The pain is too deep for even prayers to reach and make me whole

I fall into a pit of despair

The hands of hell catch me as I fall

I am swallowed by the depths of anger, bitterness, and resentment

My heart explodes within me

I am too broken to heal

Written on 7/28/22


“The Bath”

lying here

eyes half-closed

listening to the whispering winds

that say I told you so

heart real heavy

mind unclear

soaking in a red bath

and recalling everything that set me on this path

the ripples in the water

each a reminder of a fatal mistake in my life

‘til I lie still

making them disappear at will

head leaning to the side

eyes fully closed

wishing I could turn back time

and say this fate ain’t so

Written on 6/21/2022



I slit my veins

Black blood drains

Licking my wrist with my tongue

Freed from chains

From which my body strains

A weakening of my lungs

Freed from pain

These bodily remains

Feeling only like I’ve been stung

Freed from an idle brain

My epitaph explains,

“Upon her every word, he hung.”

Written on 5/27/2022


“A Godless Act”

Sweating profusely

One arm holding down her hands

My other hand covering her mouth

Lest someone hear

My sinful deeds I do aspire

With every second I perspire

Brushing my forehead across my arm

Her frantic struggle leading me on

Her bare teeth against my palm

But that sets off no alarms

I have her good and bound now

And right where I want her

There is no one to free her

There is no one to see her

Everything in my mind starts to blur

I take from her her innocence

For a sudden rush, an orgasmic sense

Nothing matches this feeling I have

As I remove myself from within her

With every lover the stronger I get

Ah, to be a god, my goal be met

Written on 5/27/2022


“The Awakening”

Eyes iced over

Flesh all frozen

Refrigeration for the dead

Darkness weakens

Counting sheep and

Trying to sleep but

Having no success

Ah, light by my head

Bright light shed

All over my head

Waking me up

Trying to move

Fingers following along a groove

Heartbeat stopped so abruptly

Head pops and snaps

Then neck just cracks

Awakening of a new soul

Hunger and thirst increase

Gnashing teeth and

Licking lips

As I break free from death’s grip

Someone’s here

Someone’s with me

Oh, how I love their scent

It’s so delicious

I long to lick him

So I get up

I creep up behind him

He turns and goes nuts

He runs from me

But I can’t let him go

I have to taste him

I bite off his nose

That is when

I lose all control

I fight with him

And pull him down

Hunger insatiable

In death, I’m unstable

Doomed to wander ‘til I’m free

Morgue door opened

My freedom chosen

Now, headed down these ravaged streets

I couldn’t stop biting him

Once he was on the ground

Back bone deep, I am bound

No heartbeat in me

Yet, I thrive

But it’s obvious

I’m not alive

When I’m done

I walk, I wander

I just feed

No time to slumber

Continuously moving forward

For whatever reason

To whatever end

Into the dark

I do descend

For forever, my eternity



Wicked eyes

You stare at me

I know your intent

You don’t scare me

Wicked soul

You long for me

I know what you want

You can’t have me

Wicked mind

You dwell on me

I know what you think

You don’t know me

You reach for me with your claws

You tighten your grip around my neck

You rip, you tear, you maul

You leave me bleeding, a real train wreck

Wickedness now in my eyes, my soul and my mind, too.

You have made me into another you.

Written on 5/6/2022


“The Melting Pot”

Spoils, spoils

The pot, it boils

Full of angst, hatred and despair

Tip the pot

Disturb the balance

And shake the world of its cares.

Spoils, spoils

A heavy boil, people toil

With no success for their deeds

So we go about, 

We plant our seeds

In the nasty, filthy soil

Spoils, spoils

An overflow, an eruption

All have reached their wit’s end

Turn down the flame

Remove the pot

Or all the world will end

Written on 5/9/2022



Is what I feel

Even though I’m told

I shouldn’t because it

Wasn’t my fault

Those were his


That he made me play

The things he made me do

The things he made me say

Trapped in his world

As a modern day sex slave

They found pictures and videos too

The things I am doing in them are repulsive

Leaving me full of disgust

Yet, I watch some of them looking over those

Pictures and videos and trying hard to cover

Their arousal from just viewing them

They are no better than the creep who did this to me

One of them talks to me

About what a beautiful job I’m doing

But what does that mean?

Does he not understand that I feel so unclean?

They shake hands with my keeper

And walk towards the door

One blows me a kiss

And it becomes quickly apparent

That rescuing me is not what they came for


“Sin vs. Sinner”

Stare deep into my eyes

And tell me what you see

If you stare long enough, 

You’ll see the real me

All curled up, lying naked on the floor

I’d tell you my story

But you’d be afraid of me

I curl up around my knees

As you watch on curiously

My spine cracks, snaps

My bones look bare

Your look is so intense

You don’t break your stare

My stringy, damp hair hangs over my face

The sounds that you hear

Are like an animal being chased

Surrounded by water, filling up fast

On my hands and knees now

How long will I last?

I turn toward you

Head held down

I reach out for you

You start to drown

Still staring deep into my eyes

Bloodshot, the sinner cries,

Tears fall from your eyes

Just before your soul dies.

Head tilts. Neck pops. Spine cracks.

And I move on.


“The Chase”













No escape

Shape shifter