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“Kessell has written by far one of my favorite villains.”

Danny Raye, It That Has No Name II: House on Highway 89


“P. S. Kessell puts the reader inside the mind of the characters, and not just the main character, but the victims as well.” W.J. Hegarty, It That Has No Name

“This is the first book I have read by P. S. Kessell, and it won’t be the last.” Victoria Zumbrum, It That Has No Name

“P. S. Kessell is absolutely one of the most talented authors I have ever read.” Genevieve Reed, It That Has No Name II: House on Highway 89

“P. S. Kessell’s use of violent imagery, horror tropes, and witchcraft make this short book exciting from the very first page.” ADG, It That Has No Name II: House on Highway 89

“Thoroughly recommend to anyone who is a fan of the horror genre, and I’m really look(ing) forward to P. S. Kessell’s next gory offering.” T. J. Howard, It That Has No Name

Meet P.S. Kessell

P. S. Kessell has a master’s degree in educational administration from Texas A & M University, Texarkana, Texas. She is the author of From A to Z on Instructional Strategies, which introduces creative ways to teach educational standards to students. It That Has No Name is the first book of her horror trilogy. It that Has no Name II: House on Highway 89 is the second book of the series in which she integrates her love for horror, the supernatural, and her faith. It That Has No Name III: The Beginning is the final book of the trilogy. As the mother of two young adults, Kessell finds more time in her life for writing now. She enjoys writing poetry, reading horror novels, and spending time on the Internet. So if you look up P. S. Kessell on her social media accounts, you are very likely to find her there.

Chris and Pam

Pam and her Dad
Pam and her Mom
Jim, her son, and his girlfriend, Opal

Pam and Bre, her daughter

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