“Just a Holiday”

A day of celebration,

of love,

of recognition, 

of thankfulness, 

and gratitude 

in a time-honored tradition. 

A day to express your feelings for the loved one in your life,

whether that person is your life partner,

your husband or your wife.

Today is a time to thank them for all they do for you,

for the way they make you feel,

and for the dreams you both pursue. 

So, my dear life partner, lover and best friend, 

I honor you with this poem

and the best wishes that it sends.

Thank you for always paying for my gas, 

for buying my food 

and for making me laugh. 

Every girl should have a guy like you, 

but it would take her having two to equal one of you.

I can not count the number 

of great things you do for me,

the things you think I don’t care about,

the things you think I don’t see

like tolerating all of the quirkiness of me just being me,

all of the personal things that others do not see,

all of the hidden things 

kept behind a social screen. 

You know the best of me. 

You know the worst of me. 

And beyond all of that, 

you have this perfect love for me. 

I still feel our first kiss when you kiss my lips. 

No matter how old we get, that I won’t forget. 

Nor will I forget the way in which we met. 

Not many can say they have a story like that, I bet. 

Whatever tomorrow may bring for me,

I know you will be there, 

always cheering me on. 

We make such a great pair.

Going through life without each other is a definite no, not ever.

Because one day we stood inside a Lowe’s and decided on forever.

Even walked out with a sign for above the door to always remember. 

Just so you know that our love lives on deep inside of me, 

in my memories that you keep alive in me, 

and in the things we do every day 

that create more and more memories along the way. 

I love you with a deep felt passion 

Even though I don’t always show it,

it’s important to me that you know it,

and I will work on expressing myself like this to you more in each and every day

instead of on just a holiday.

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