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“Lucky Bottle” I’m on a ship that’s in a bottle and I’m trapped inside These walls of glass that hold my sky I wait for the waters to subside While I use my hands to dry my eyes.  It’s hell in here Tossed in… Continue Reading “LUCKY BOTTLE”


“The Distance” In the distance I see you standing there In the distance Unknown are your cares In the distance Wish your lips could share In the distance What your soul would bare Closing the distance I run to you over there Closing the… Continue Reading “THE DISTANCE”


“Just a Holiday” A day of celebration, of love, of recognition,  of thankfulness,  and gratitude  in a time-honored tradition.  A day to express your feelings for the loved one in your life, whether that person is your life partner, your husband or your wife.… Continue Reading “JUST A HOLIDAY”


“Deadly Attraction” I’ve been waiting for you Just outside your door I’ve been waiting for you I won’t take much more I only want what I need to survive Just enough to keep me alive I don’t enjoy this task That question, “Why me?”… Continue Reading “DEADLY ATTRACTION”


“Darkness Breeds”  Darkness breeds Endless needs Hellfire breathes As darkness breeds Life stands still Hopeless will Voices shrill As life stands still,  as life stands still Chorus: The night’s filled with the broken hearted Lives spent with the days uncharted Stuck in the emptiness… Continue Reading “DARKNESS BREEDS”


“The Eyes of a Child” An old wise man stopped A little girl to say,  “Be careful, little girlie, Be careful what you say.” The little girl replied,  “Hush, old man, I speak to pray.” “But who is listening on the other side To… Continue Reading “THE EYES OF A CHILD”


“When That Time Comes” Going to cry Sincerely, going to cry Really wishing I would die Palms are sweaty Eyes filled with tears My whole body Shaking from fear I just don’t get it Why me? Why me? My spirit’s bound Longing to be… Continue Reading “WHEN THAT TIME COMES”


“Seduction” I have a secret Come fly with me I’ll take you on a  magical fantasy  Ride Don’t be shy It’s only for  Just one night I’ll wrap you in a lover’s embrace And of me you shall taste I’ll be your ambrosia And… Continue Reading “SEDUCTION”


“Shackled and Chained” I’m shackled and chained Feeling indescribable pain Trying to escape Yanking down on the drapes They fall to the floor As I hear you at the front door I get to my knees Just able to see the trees I drop… Continue Reading “SHACKLED AND CHAINED”


“Broken” Emptiness A deep hole Hollowed out By false promises And shattered dreams A hole where a heart  Once filled with laughter and joy Used to be Now, nothing Nothing but pain From lies, deceit and manipulation No need to even hear explanations Loss… Continue Reading “BROKEN”