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“Shackled and Chained” I’m shackled and chained Feeling indescribable pain Trying to escape Yanking down on the drapes They fall to the floor As I hear you at the front door I get to my knees Just able to see the trees I drop… Continue Reading “SHACKLED AND CHAINED”


“Broken” Emptiness A deep hole Hollowed out By false promises And shattered dreams A hole where a heart  Once filled with laughter and joy Used to be Now, nothing Nothing but pain From lies, deceit and manipulation No need to even hear explanations Loss… Continue Reading “BROKEN”


Shame Is what I feel Even though I’m told I shouldn’t because it Wasn’t my fault Those were his Games That he made me play The things he made me do The things he made me say Trapped in his world As a modern… Continue Reading “SHAME”


“On The Bad Days”  It’s like the flash of a camera 1000 times over in quick succession over and over My mind replays the events of those nights like watching a horror show under bright lights You can’t break free  from some memories so… Continue Reading “ON THE BAD DAYS”


“The Bite” Dark hair Icy stare Watching me From over there Stirring now You seem to wonder Your movements reflects A natural born hunter A howl, a bite I changed that night My body succumbed To an internal fight For blood I craved It… Continue Reading “THE BITE”


“The Effects of Battle” Stirring inside is a thunderstorm,  Reflected outside by scars,  scratches,  flesh all torn.  Heart broken for wrongs to be made right, Mind seeking revenge at night,  Infinite, Bold, And just.  Longing for peace after such betrayal, Wounded by the darkly… Continue Reading “THE EFFECTS OF BATTLE”


“When the End Time Comes” My chest is open My heart is bare Red and raw But you don’t care You smash it You beat it You tear it apart You don’t even notice Just how much it’s scarred. Each word that you say… Continue Reading “WHEN THE END TIME COMES”


“Dreamers”  Searching across the mountaintops, Wondering what lingers out there, Knowing life exists beyond those mounds of rock and stone, The thoughts that they are so far from my home. Reaching for the bright moon, it seems, Staring into it with wild dreams, Knowing… Continue Reading “DREAMERS”


“Consumed by Death” Peeking through my hands I see you standing over there. I can not tell you just how much, but I’m really, really scared. I want to hide underneath my bed, but you will know that I am there. You will simply… Continue Reading “CONSUMED BY DEATH”


“The Drowning”  Silently, I lurk inside Trying to break free.  Desperately, I search my mind Who is the real me? I reach for her And call her name.  She turns in fear  and runs away.  “Come out, my child, You shall not be harmed. … Continue Reading “THE DROWNING”