Tag: dark poem


“Lucky Bottle” I’m on a ship that’s in a bottle and I’m trapped inside These walls of glass that hold my sky I wait for the waters to subside While I use my hands to dry my eyes.  It’s hell in here Tossed in… Continue Reading “LUCKY BOTTLE”


“Just a Holiday” A day of celebration, of love, of recognition,  of thankfulness,  and gratitude  in a time-honored tradition.  A day to express your feelings for the loved one in your life, whether that person is your life partner, your husband or your wife.… Continue Reading “JUST A HOLIDAY”


“Shackled and Chained” I’m shackled and chained Feeling indescribable pain Trying to escape Yanking down on the drapes They fall to the floor As I hear you at the front door I get to my knees Just able to see the trees I drop… Continue Reading “SHACKLED AND CHAINED”


“Broken” Emptiness A deep hole Hollowed out By false promises And shattered dreams A hole where a heart  Once filled with laughter and joy Used to be Now, nothing Nothing but pain From lies, deceit and manipulation No need to even hear explanations Loss… Continue Reading “BROKEN”


“The Bath” lying here eyes half-closed listening to the whispering winds that say I told you so heart real heavy mind unclear soaking in a red bath and recalling everything that set me on this path the ripples in the water each a reminder… Continue Reading “THE BATH”


“Foreboding” I slit my veins Black blood drains Licking my wrist with my tongue Freed from chains From which my body strains A weakening of my lungs Freed from pain These bodily remains Feeling only like I’ve been stung Freed from an idle brain… Continue Reading “FOREBODING”


“A Godless Act” Sweating profusely One arm holding down her hands My other hand covering her mouth Lest someone hear My sinful deeds I do aspire With every second I perspire Brushing my forehead across my arm Her frantic struggle leading me on Her… Continue Reading “A GODLESS ACT”


“The Awakening” Eyes iced over Flesh all frozen Refrigeration for the dead Darkness weakens Counting sheep and Trying to sleep but Having no success Ah, light by my head Bright light shed All over my head Waking me up Trying to move Fingers following… Continue Reading “THE AWAKENING”


“Wicked” Wicked eyes You stare at me I know your intent You don’t scare me Wicked soul You long for me I know what you want You can’t have me Wicked mind You dwell on me I know what you think You don’t know… Continue Reading “WICKED”


“The Melting Pot” Spoils, spoils The pot, it boils Full of angst, hatred and despair Tip the pot Disturb the balance And shake the world of its cares. Spoils, spoils A heavy boil, people toil With no success for their deeds So we go… Continue Reading “THE MELTING POT”