“Deadly Attraction”

I’ve been waiting for you

Just outside your door

I’ve been waiting for you

I won’t take much more

I only want what I need to survive

Just enough to keep me alive

I don’t enjoy this task

That question, “Why me?”

You’ll ask

I can’t explain it.

Your beauty, your wit

Your kindness, your tits

Ultimately, that changes nothing

I’m here to stake a claim for something 

I’m after you

And that’s all that matters

I can’t think about how

Your heart will shatter. 

Come outside already! Damn!

I’m getting too angry, ma’m. 

Noises are coming from all around me

The causes of them, I can not see

Even with my skills and agility

The causes escape even my abilities. 


Hands tightly around my neck

Like an air show, a fight ensues

It’s her, she’s like me,

In all she can do

From a quick surprise, 

A fast twist from the left

A swing real wide

My body is quick to die

A bobbling head, side to side,

Before falling from up high

Down to the street below

Written on 2/8/2023

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