“The Eyes of a Child”

An old wise man stopped

A little girl to say, 

“Be careful, little girlie,

Be careful what you say.”

The little girl replied, 

“Hush, old man, I speak to pray.”

“But who is listening on the other side

To a little girl who’s full of lies?”

“I pray to be forgiven.

My sins He has stricken, and

Therefore, do not lead to my demise.”

With rolling thunder and a strike of lightning,

The old wise man turned into something frightening.

Blood dripped from his jaws after he bit the neck

Of the little girl who was all dressed in red.

The old wise man laughed and laughed,

Until he realized the little girl was laughing too.

The old man asked the little girl,

“Why do you laugh before you die? 

Is it because you believe in heaven?”

The little girl stopped laughing long enough to reply,

“No, that’s not why After all, that heaven exists is just a lie. 

Isn’t that right?”

“Then, why may I ask are you laughing, too?”

“Because a demon with a bigger bite is standing right behind you.”

Written on 11/13/2022

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