“I Hear a Knock”

I hear a knock

But do not want to answer

I hear the phone

But decide to let it ring

I hear the doorbell

But do not open the door

Who beckons me?

It chills me to my core. 

The phone stops ringing, and the knocks just stop. 

A crinkly creature comes

Out of a wooden box

A long, tubelike figure with jagged teeth and black eyes

And lets out the sounds

Of whispering cries

It creeps up on its victim 

Who lies shuddering in fear

And sucks the very life

From that person crying tears

A legend’s foe, as legends go,

This creature, the enemy of life. 

Life’s enemy can only be 

Destiny and strife 

The victims’ fate

Never too late

Always comes on time

When the jagged teeth of

That crinkly creep

Sink in deep to dine. 

Written on 5/8/2023

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