“Lucky Bottle”

I’m on a ship that’s in a bottle and I’m trapped inside

These walls of glass that hold my sky

I wait for the waters to subside

While I use my hands to dry my eyes. 

It’s hell in here

Tossed in the waves

My lonely years

Expressed in the staves

All because I picked up a bottle

Lying there at the edge of the water

Seeing something down inside

I held the bottle to my eye

Sometime later, I awoke inside

At first, I thought that I had died. 

But I had not, I’m quite alive.

And desperate, do you hear my cries?

Alas, I have given up. 

To reach shore would take more than luck. 

I lay down on the deck of the ship, 

Expecting to sleep, I would drift,

When the bottle came to a roll

And rested in a shallow hole

On a beach like the one I once knew

Under a sky of a shadowy blue

A young girl has found me

She dusts the sand from the bottle

“No, don’t look inside the bottle!”

“No, no! Don’t,” I holler. 

But it’s too late

I feel real weak

And suddenly now, I’m awake on the beach

The bottle laying at my feet

I took that bottle and threw it far and deep.

Remembering how many years I’d weeped.

I turned and ran up the beach

As I heard a young woman calling out for Clarice,


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