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“Night Prowlers” Placing my hand on the damp sidewalk,     Wet, gritty, rough,     Not able to talk, Crawling with every bit of my strength, Stretching to make another arm’s length, Breathing heavy as I push with one leg, Remembering how he had told me to… Continue Reading “NIGHT PROWLERS”


“Consumed by Death” Peeking through my hands I see you standing over there. I can not tell you just how much, but I’m really, really scared. I want to hide underneath my bed, but you will know that I am there. You will simply… Continue Reading “CONSUMED BY DEATH”


“The Drowning”  Silently, I lurk inside Trying to break free.  Desperately, I search my mind Who is the real me? I reach for her And call her name.  She turns in fear  and runs away.  “Come out, my child, You shall not be harmed. … Continue Reading “THE DROWNING”


“Until I am Alone”  My loneliness not compared  My heart’s feelings suppressed Interaction hides my heartbreak,       At least for a little while,      Until I am alone again And seemingly without friends.  My broken heart not repaired  My mind’s severely stressed Distractions conceal my heartache, … Continue Reading “UNTIL I AM ALONE”


“The Darkness”  Inside the heart lives a darkness there. It seeps out and even gives me a scare. Sometimes, creepy and nervous and all fidgety Wanting to grab you in your time of need. Blacker and darker, Not gray any longer. Creepier and stronger,… Continue Reading “THE DARKNESS”


“Touched by Grace”  Toss all my hurt, my pain, my fear,      into the abyss. All of which brought about       by one simple kiss. Release me from this empty shell       and set free my soul. With the wave of Your hand,       my heart, my mind,… Continue Reading “TOUCHED BY GRACE”


“Bias” It is the slightest difference you notice and feel about one who is otherwise equal to another. It is the subconscious working during every conscious action. It lingers under the surface in every major decision. We try to overcome it by just being… Continue Reading “BIAS”


“It” It has no name It has no face It has no form It loves a chase You can try to run You can try to hide But It sees everywhere And It knows everything It comes for you With only one intent To… Continue Reading “IT”


“When It Comes”  You are creeping along my floor. You are hanging on my wall. You are lying on my ceiling. You have bolted my doors. You poke at me in the darkness. I am filled with terror. Your hand lays upon my shoulder.… Continue Reading “WHEN IT COMES”


“Collision”  Despair eats at my soul. I give in to the pain. No more will I be whole, Or believe I am sane. Breaking from within, I see Hurt not yet discovered. The hurt envelops me, Never to recover. Giving in to despair, I… Continue Reading “COLLISION”