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“Fire”  I know not to play with you. I learned that by the age of two. But I found myself int’rested again By the time that I turned age ten. Fire in the fireplace, Fire in the pit, Fire in the sky On the… Continue Reading “FIRE”


In this poem, “I Want To Be an Albatross,” an albatross is simply an albatross and not a metaphor for something else. I chose an albatross as the bird for this poem to somehow give glory to a bird generally considered to be big… Continue Reading “I WANT TO BE AN ALBATROSS”


This poem describes the loneliness one feels when one is depressed and suffering from the pressures and stress of life. A person looks for hope but only hears the voices of one’s mind responding back to one’s cries for help. This person succumbs to… Continue Reading “THE WELL”


The way the human mind processes pain, suffering and stress is different for different people. What some find easier to comprehend making life easier to tolerate results in a desperate cry for help from others. “Desperation” is the reaction of an individual who has… Continue Reading “DESPERATION”

happy labor day

To all of you who have worked so hard through increasing gas and food prices, rising inflation, shorthanded workplaces, COVID 19 and its half dozen variants, a failed Southern border, and rising crime statistics across the country, I salute you for continuing to work… Continue Reading “happy labor day”

Vampires or werewolves?

So, about which do I prefer to write? Well, my horror trilogy answers that question for me. Vampires, of course! Historically, vampires have been portrayed as romantic lovers on one hand, yet fierce and terrifying killers on another. That range offers authors a wide… Continue Reading “Vampires or werewolves?”

Goals when writing

My goals when writing for my audience are simple on one level, yet strategic and complex on another. One goal is to provide the audience with a scare, that creepy feeling that brings about a chill that runs down the spine. A second goal… Continue Reading “Goals when writing”

Fan video

Click on the link below for a quick summary of the It That Has No Name trilogy by a fabulous fan and author, Danny Raye, who shared this video with us.

To My Younger Self

If I had a chance to speak to my younger self or leave behind a written note for a younger me to find, I would have so much I would want to say. Leaving aside all of the winning lottery numbers, best stock investments,… Continue Reading “To My Younger Self”

Edits to the books in the trilogy

When I first wrote book one of the trilogy, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to write the book as a YA or adult book. Originally, the first book contained a very detailed, passion-filled sex scene between Robbie and Gloria when they go up… Continue Reading “Edits to the books in the trilogy”