“Consumed by Death”

Peeking through my hands

I see you standing

over there.

I can not tell you

just how much, but

I’m really, really scared.

I want to hide underneath

my bed, but you will know

that I am there.

You will simply come to get me

and pull me out by 

my black hair.

You are evil 

manifested in an

awful human being,

who moves within 

these walls of this

dilapidated dwelling.

You’re a devil

with his horns

turned inward

so no one can see

but you can’t hide

your evil ways

from the likes of me.

You can’t fool me with your

smiling face and hand

filled with green

I know your evil side.

You are more than

simply mean.

I crawl quickly and quietly

underneath my bed

I feel your claws 

on my ankle

You yank so hard

I bump my head

I beg. I scream. I plead.

I don’t want to go there.

Don’t you see!

I would do

almost anything.

I feel the heat. I see

the fire. I hear the

hounds. I’m not

a liar!

Peeking through my hands,

I see you standing over me.

I can not tell you just how odd

You feel inside of me.

Written on March 1, 2019

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