“When the End Time Comes”

My chest is open

My heart is bare

Red and raw

But you don’t care

You smash it

You beat it

You tear it apart

You don’t even notice

Just how much it’s scarred.

Each word that you say

Is a punch to the face

You don’t need your hands

To cause my red face

I am your partner, your lover, you say

But your actions cause nothing but sadness, dismay

Leave. Stay. No. I pray.

Never knowing the answer to that each day

What do I want? What do I do?

Can’t even decide if I’m afraid of you

I think I am, sometimes, ya know,

The pain you cause runs deep below

All of the nice things you’ve ever said

Can’t make up for when I’ve wished I was dead

Leave me. Quit waiting on me. Just go.

Then things would get better for me, ya know

Stop waiting on me to walk out the door.

I’m not going to do it. I’ll fall to this floor.

There’s no strength in me to just get up and leave

I just have to hope you will and believe

What is it you say about my beliefs?

That’s all that offers me a sense of relief.

Go. I’m tired. Please get out of here.
      “Not ‘til you cross into hell, my dear.”

Written on July 11, 2018

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