“When It Comes” 

You are creeping along my floor.

You are hanging on my wall.

You are lying on my ceiling.

You have bolted my doors.

You poke at me in the darkness.

I am filled with terror.

Your hand lays upon my shoulder.

I regret my life’s errors.

I feel your nails dig in deep, 

Pressing into my flesh.

I feel your head near mine,

On my ear, your cold breath.

I beg. I plead. I apologize.

I scream. I cry out. I even lie.

“I’ll give you my soul but not today.

Come back and take it on another date.”

It screeches so loudly.

I cover my ears.

It’s eyes turn red. 

I fill with fear.

It grabs me by the neck. 

It’s intentions clear.

And just like that, 

It disappears.

Written on September 22, 2018

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