“I Like To Live Dangerously”

I like to live dangerously

I play with knives

With sharp blades

And with guns

With live rounds

Like they’re toys.

With one live round,

I put the gun to my head

Just to hear the noise.

I take the blade across

My lily white skin

Just to see crimson on my shin.

A line across my abdomen

Cutting my way through

All my sins.

I place the gun and knife 

Into my lap

As I draw the water

For my final bath.

Contemplating suicide

With the options, just so wide.

Grab the bottle of pills 

To help me sleep

Get in the tub

With the blow dryer

At my feet.

Perfect planning

To kick it in the tub with me

Oh, shucks, mom has caught me,

But damn, do I like to live dangerously

Written on 10/30/2021

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