“The Cycle of Evil”

Death comes for me

And I welcome it

There is blood dripping

From my chest down to where I sit

A stake that penetrated

My cold, black heart

Ended my feast early 

In this evening’s dark

You stand over me

Not quite believing what you see

Yet your eyes do not deceive you

And your actions certainly saved you

You wonder what I am

And how I came to be

Just how many more of me

Are out there, you think

I start to laugh as I die

You feel no pain

But begin to cry

Your end is near

And you can sense it

For we are many

And now, you’re defenseless

Run! Run! While you can

That’s more fun than when you stand

So I get to have the last laugh, it appears

As your throat is ripped out from ear to ear.

Written on September 22, 2021

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