“The Awakening”

Eyes iced over

Flesh all frozen

Refrigeration for the dead

Darkness weakens

Counting sheep and

Trying to sleep but

Having no success

Ah, light by my head

Bright light shed

All over my head

Waking me up

Trying to move

Fingers following along a groove

Heartbeat stopped so abruptly

Head pops and snaps

Then neck just cracks

Awakening of a new soul

Hunger and thirst increase

Gnashing teeth and

Licking lips

As I break free from death’s grip

Someone’s here

Someone’s with me

Oh, how I love their scent

It’s so delicious

I long to lick him

So I get up

I creep up behind him

He turns and goes nuts

He runs from me

But I can’t let him go

I have to taste him

I bite off his nose

That is when

I lose all control

I fight with him

And pull him down

Hunger insatiable

In death, I’m unstable

Doomed to wander ‘til I’m free

Morgue door opened

My freedom chosen

Now, headed down these ravaged streets

I couldn’t stop biting him

Once he was on the ground

Back bone deep, I am bound

No heartbeat in me

Yet, I thrive

But it’s obvious

I’m not alive

When I’m done

I walk, I wander

I just feed

No time to slumber

Continuously moving forward

For whatever reason

To whatever end

Into the dark

I do descend

For forever, my eternity

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