Is what I feel

Even though I’m told

I shouldn’t because it

Wasn’t my fault

Those were his


That he made me play

The things he made me do

The things he made me say

Trapped in his world

As a modern day sex slave

They found pictures and videos too

The things I am doing in them are repulsive

Leaving me full of disgust

Yet, I watch some of them looking over those

Pictures and videos and trying hard to cover

Their arousal from just viewing them

They are no better than the creep who did this to me

One of them talks to me

About what a beautiful job I’m doing

But what does that mean?

Does he not understand that I feel so unclean?

They shake hands with my keeper

And walk towards the door

One blows me a kiss

And it becomes quickly apparent

That rescuing me is not what they came for

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