“Sin vs. Sinner”

Stare deep into my eyes

And tell me what you see

If you stare long enough, 

You’ll see the real me

All curled up, lying naked on the floor

I’d tell you my story

But you’d be afraid of me

I curl up around my knees

As you watch on curiously

My spine cracks, snaps

My bones look bare

Your look is so intense

You don’t break your stare

My stringy, damp hair hangs over my face

The sounds that you hear

Are like an animal being chased

Surrounded by water, filling up fast

On my hands and knees now

How long will I last?

I turn toward you

Head held down

I reach out for you

You start to drown

Still staring deep into my eyes

Bloodshot, the sinner cries,

Tears fall from your eyes

Just before your soul dies.

Head tilts. Neck pops. Spine cracks.

And I move on.

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