“On The Bad Days” 

It’s like the flash of a camera

1000 times over

in quick succession

over and over

My mind replays the events

of those nights

like watching a horror show

under bright lights

You can’t break free 

from some memories

so strong they bury you

wondering what to do

Forcing them from your mind

just trying to unwind

trembling side to side

shaking, nowhere to hide

Inside your mind is a fray

not a damn word

can a person say

You put hands together

and then you pray

Because faith is all you have

at the end of the day

The only thing that keeps

the scary things away

When the darkness creeps in

and the sinners break in

Your mind can not take anymore

You’re losing it, now out of control

Get down on your knees

Raise your head high

Lift your voice 

and just sing

from deep down inside

Just sing 

Just sing to Him

Written on February 19, 2019

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