My pain I just could not deny. 

It hurt to not be at his side. 

Rebellion was not my intent. 

And if guilty, I do repent. 

Submission is my heart’s desire,

Even after he called me. “Liar.” 

He thinks I practice witchery,

And I do not, obviously. 

He practices hypocrisy, 

And with that, he would not agree. 

Lashing out at one another

Has accomplished merely nothing. 

The problems remain unresolved. 

The young wreak havoc due to cause. 

We should not be divided. 

Through this, we must stand united, 

But when all hell’s broken loose, 

There comes a time you have to choose. 

Someone must make the sacrifice,

The price to pay for being nice. 

Since I am the scapegoat in this,

I know now just what he can kiss. 

Written on February 17, 1999

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