“When Death Comes” 

I see you.

I am watching everything you do.

I’m just waiting.

You don’t know I am here,

But you sense something is strange.

You sense someone is following you,

But you do not know who.

I see you.

No matter where you go,

There is nowhere you can hide.

I wait patiently for it to be your time.

It won’t be long before it comes.

I see you.

I walk slowly by and slightly brush against you.

I have touched you.

It sends chills down my spine.

It causes much ado 

As the area around you becomes extremely busy.

I am tempted to follow through.

I watch you a little bit longer,

But now, it is time to pay your dues.

I see you. 

I rub against you.

I wrap you in a full embrace and breathe you in.

Your soul enters me.

I feel you.

Fighting uselessly to break free.

I own you.

You are trapped inside of me.

And I move on.

I see you.

I am watching everything you do.

Written on October 14, 2018

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