Edits to the books in the trilogy

When I first wrote book one of the trilogy, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to write the book as a YA or adult book. Originally, the first book contained a very detailed, passion-filled sex scene between Robbie and Gloria when they go up those stairs and away from the rest of the group. After reading the scene several times and considering my potential YA audience, I toned it down quite a bit and made it much more appropriate for a younger audience. I call these books YA+. I think the novels appeal to ages 15 and up because they can relate to the age of the characters so well. I must still caution young readers that there is still a lot of gore and violence in the book. If you think about it though, there is no more gore and violence in this series of books than there is in the video games being played by the same group of young people. If mild, sensual scenes, gore, and fear-inspired action appeal to you, you are going to enjoy reading the It That Has No Name book series.

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