To My Younger Self

If I had a chance to speak to my younger self or leave behind a written note for a younger me to find, I would have so much I would want to say. Leaving aside all of the winning lottery numbers, best stock investments, and greatest new invention, I would want to tell myself to write down all of those great writing ideas I had that would just stew in that melting pot between my ears before being lost forever. Ideas for writing came so easily to me back then. My imagination ran wild, and my ideas were just about as wild as my imagination. Still, they were great ideas. At least, I remember them to be. I just don’t remember many of them anymore. So, to my younger self, get a book and write down those brilliant ideas. They will come in handy later in your life!

I can’t really stop there, though. There is one more thing I would want to tell my younger self. Pay closer attention in English class! You really will use that stuff one day! I was an A and B student throughout English in high school and college, but I should have applied more of what I was learning to get a more thorough knowledge base for editing and proofreading. I would love to be able to rely solely on my own edits. As of right now, though, oh, hell no! Editor, please! Better to be safe than sorry is my motto when it comes to editing.

So, younger self, write down your ideas, especially the ones that came to you in the middle of the night. Those were the best ones, and still are! And, write more so you can practice the use of your editing and proofreading skills. Your older self will thank you.

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