Passion for my trilogy

I have been asked what makes me so passionate about my It That Has No Name trilogy. I have always had a passion for horror and romance, so incorporating both into a story was my destiny. My love for vampires, demons, witches, and warlocks and all of the horror and chaos that ensues when you combine them into a storyline was my heart’s dream plot. Weave in a little of my faith in a higher power and the It That Has No Name trilogy was complete.

I loved the eighties and nineties horror structure where the plot centered around a group of young people battling evil, so I went with that structure in my novels. There is just something so interesting about characters’ relationships and interactions while facing near certain death.

The books in the trilogy were written before I was forty years old even though I did not publish them until I was much older. They have had a lot of shelf time so I just have to hope that people still enjoy the dynamics of the supernatural world and the young mind of this ole middle aged mom.

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