“Things That Make You Go Mmm, Mmm, Mmm”

Things that make you go mmm, mmm, mmm

A healthy heart

Cut at its ripest age

Cleaned and cooked to pure perfection

A man’s penis sliced and diced

During an erection

Always a grand choice

Cooked any way you like

Boiled, baked, or chicken-fried

The brains, oh, the brains

Can be made as sweet as can be

But best served like the fried onion from Applebee’s

Fingers and toes make great finger foods

Pun intended. Just boil and bake, then

Between bread you place them

Each finger and toe, without the nails, of course

You pull those off before you serve the first course

And the first course is salad 

As you might have guessed

Diced intestines with small chunks of stomach

Are truly the best

Great for a stew

If you have leftovers, too

Toasted eyeballs

Can’t you see

They’re the perfect delicacy

Now, your four course meal is complete

Definitely not lacking in your choice of meats

But if a thicker, tougher meat you want to try

By all means, go for an arm, calf or a thigh.

Things that make you go mmm, mmm, mmm.

No lie!

Written on January 20, 2022

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