The way the human mind processes pain, suffering and stress is different for different people. What some find easier to comprehend making life easier to tolerate results in a desperate cry for help from others. “Desperation” is the reaction of an individual who has reached their threshold of tolerance and feels incapable of processing any further pain or additional stress.


Hanging my head in my hands,

Lost in thoughts I can’t explain,

Hearing noise in my head like a rock band,

Feeling an overflowing well of pain

Emotions consume

Feelings burn

Physical pain that makes me cry

Always given a new diagnosis why

Answers, No

Suggestions, So

Begging for a response to make the pain go away,

Sleeping is all that gets you through the day

It has me standing up on top of a chair

Without a real answer

Who? What? When? Where?

I kick it out real fast

Now, I know, for sure, 

This cruel cycle won’t last.

Written on April 15, 2019

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