Vampires or werewolves?

So, about which do I prefer to write? Well, my horror trilogy answers that question for me. Vampires, of course! Historically, vampires have been portrayed as romantic lovers on one hand, yet fierce and terrifying killers on another. That range offers authors a wide array of options to present a vampire character to readers. From Bram Stoker’s Dracula to Tracy Wolff’s Crave, vampires experience the spectrum of human emotions, making them so relatable to the audience. In Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series, we see a wide range of vampire characters presented to us. Some who are fierce and ruthless like the Volturis, and some who are kind and good like the Cullens. The Vampire MCs are mostly driven by their emotions, usually revenge, love or hate, or a combination of all three. Selene in the Underworld series had reasons to feel all three emotions in her battle with her own kind, vampires, and the Lycans, werewolves. Her family was killed by the vampire who changed her and this fuels her hatred and sets her on a path of revenge when she discovers it. Her half-Lycan, half-vampire lover, Michael, becomes her only trusted partner. Ultimately, I think the real reason I choose vampires over werewolves is that thrilling feeling you get from the passion that leads up to that bite out of someone’s neck. I just haven’t seen that kind of passion built up over a werewolf bite, nor have I seen the range of emotions and activity in werewolf scenes like I have in vampire scenes. I must confess, though, I read more about vampires than werewolves, so I guess I am a little biased. Are there any great werewolf books out there that might change my mind? If so, leave them in a comment for me.

2 Comments on “Vampires or werewolves?

  1. PS-
    I think you need to write a werewolf book to rival that of the vampire chronicles. I’m thinking of the title as I write this… Or better yet, maybe an anthology to rival the full moon 🌕 series, StoryTime for Werewolves by #GaleCrew.

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    • I don’t think I’m the one to write that anthology. I don’t have a passion for werewolves. I’m not sure I could create lovable, or even likable, characters. I’ll keep the idea in mind, though, and when I go to create my next literary work, I’ll consider it.


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