The House

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Artist Christos Karapanos’s rendition of the house on Highway 89

FEATURES OF THE HOUSE: Much of the action in the It That Has No Name trilogy takes place in this home that is described as an “old” home that has been “updated” and modernized over time. When Katie first sees the house, her mother gets out of the car to open the iron gate leading to the house. The shed near where Jeb was killed is located to the left of the house when looking at the house straight on. In the novels, we learn that the home and the gardens that surround it have been “well-kept”. The basement and the door leading to it are described as “cold” and causing “chills” throughout the novels. The basement consists of three separate rooms, but as we learn in book three, was not always that way. The first death occurs off the back of the house in the outdoor swimming pool when Sandy drowns while learning to swim. In the middle of book one, Robbie takes Gloria upstairs to a bedroom on the right side of the hall. In book one, It is seen by the pool from a window on the second floor that faces the backyard. (On a side note, if you look behind the house in the picture, you will see It walking in the gardens.) We learn in book two that there are several bedrooms on this floor, including the master bedroom on the right at the end of the hall. Katie, Jay and Christian work frantically, while standing on the porch, to get inside the house in It That Has No Name II: House on Highway 89. Elena and Jay jump through the large, front window to enter the house towards the end of book two. What other features of the house and property that impact the storyline do you recall? Can you sketch the house on Highway 89? Email your sketches to to see your sketch posted on this website.

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